How can I create a free members only plan

I’m trying to set up members and have a Free tier

I’m hosting on digital ocean and I have managed to set everything up, emails and all.

When I enable members and link it up with stripe and I

"Allow free member signup"

When user gets the email with the “Activate my account button” and they press that button I was expecting that they will be taken to a page with 3 options

  • Free (members only)
  • Subscription billed monthly (paid-members only)
  • Subscription billed yearly (paid-members only)

At the moment what happens that they only get 2 options and both are paid:

  • Subscription billed monthly (paid-members only)
  • Subscription billed yearly (paid-members only)

How can I setup a Free tier where the person signing up would not have to enter any of their financial details, but would instead only press on the FREE tier?

I would like it to look something like this:
How can I add a free tier like the one on the screenshot below?

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Dear @Titus ,

thank you for your response, but I still didn’t figure out how to get the third “free” box to display. Would you be able to kindly help with that?

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It would be easier, if you chose a theme that has already designed into it. Otherwise, you’ll have to code it yourself.

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thank you @jpm jpm have you got an example of such a theme?

Check out

As a free tier member, you only get shown the monthly and yearly subscription options. Could it be because you’re testing this while being registered on your site as a free member already?