How can I experiment with custom Cards?

The Ghost Features page says:

Ghost has the rich editor which every writer wants, but under the hood it delivers far more power than you would expect. All content is stored in a standardised JSON-based document storage format called MobileDoc, which includes support for extensible rich media objects called Cards.

I am intrigued by the phrase “extensible rich media objects” and would like to better understand what Cards are capable of.

  1. Is it possible, as a developer, to create my own custom cards and have them appear on a site hosted by Ghost Pro?

  2. If not, is there a straightforward way of doing this if I am instead self hosting Ghost?

  3. If such custom Card formats already exist, can I find examples somewhere that I can try out on my own site? How do I add existing custom Card types to my site?

I have already searched the internet and this forum for various combinations of ghost, mobiledoc, and cards, but I am still unable to answer the above questions. I have already found, but it is unclear to me how I would go about integrating a new “rich” form of content into a Ghost site once I have developed it.

The underlying data format allows for rich media cards which Ghost uses for the default cards seen in the editor, however Ghost doesn’t yet have any support for custom cards. As there’s no support there’s no straightforward way of adding new cards to any type of Ghost install.

There’s an existing idea you can add your vote to:


@garrison you could have look at: