What about custom cards - or extendability at all?


Being built on a sane, open standard means that developers will be soon be able to build their own cards for custom publishing experiences from simple charts to detailed recipes.

That was said in August 2018. Ghost is at v2.19 right now and it seems like this promise has been completely forgotten. Has this feature been discarded?

I’m honestly kinda disappointed about what happened to Ghost over time. Apps have completely vanished from the docs (hence I suppose there won’t be any way to extend Ghost via plugins in the future), still no search in a system which calls itself “professional publishing platform” and promises like custom cards are just made but not held. But gladly we’ve got an entire new editor with support for custom cards (lol), tons of integrations and headless capabilities, etc… It honestly feels like shiny, new and fancy features are prioritized instead of working on some essentials which are missing (and even have been promised).

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