How can I find 'ghost/admin/app/services/slug-generator.js' from my server?


I have installed Ghost as Local install way on my server and would like to maintain the version 5.22.9 of the ghost/admin/app/services/slug-generator.js file from GitHub.

However, I am unable to locate this file in versions 5.22.10 or 5.84.2, which is the latest version available.

Could you please guide me on where I can find and edit this file on my server?

Thank you!

The file is still there in v5.84.2:

Thank you very much for your reply.

Because of change between 5.22.9 to 5.22.10 from that file, I don’t want to use update slug-gnenrator.js file for my installed ghost. So I would like to modify it by myself.

However I couldn’t find the file from my server. Because the path from GitHub and my installed path is different. When I using find command, I couldn’t find the slug-generator.js.

So, please let me know the slug-generator.js location when I install ghost using command “ghost install local”?

The admin app is compiled in released Ghost versions, so it’s not trivial to update. You can build a custom version of the app and replace it if you want

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