Admin template issues - default install

I have installed Ghost locally more times than I can remember, but for some reason this time I just can’t get it working this time.

I have followed the basic steps from here: How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux

npm install ghost-cli@latest -g
ghost install local

No warnings. Everything ok! Follow link to homepage.

The ghost default home feed page appears, which is wrong. I should be presented a setup page where I set login details etc.

If I try to visit admin, I get this error:

IncorrectUsageError: Unable to find admin template file .../versions/5.7.1/core/built/admin/development/index.html
These template files are generated as part of the build process
Please see

Clearly this is saying it’s confused because no template files have been generated because I haven’t been asked.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Hey @simonmc! We’re aware of the issue in 5.7.1, which is resulting from a change to our packaging of assets. I’ve deprecated 5.7.1 so it won’t be available for download now.

You should be able to downgrade to v5.7.0 by running ghost update 5.7.0 --force :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the info. Have done as suggested :+1: