How can I get current page URL?

I have tried with {{url}} but it is giving the URL of the scoped block. For example: when I am using the {{url}} in

{{#foreach tags}}
  <a href="{{url}}">Tag name</a>

it is giving the URL of that tag, not the current page URL.
Can anyone suggest how can I get it?

Hey there, this should be {{@site.url}}.

More info here: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: @site

Does that give the current URL as in, for example, ?

You can’t get current page URL with {{@site.url}}.
I have done it through window.location.href

If you need to move to a parent scope, you can use ../


{{#foreach tags}}
    <span> You are currently on {{../url}}</span>
    <a href="{{url}}">Tag name</a>

Please, if you don’t mind- how do I get the current URL in a <a href link?

It depends on the context you’re in, but this should work:

<a href="{{url absolute="true"}}">Current Page</a>

Ah totally missed the current part, my bad.

Ok, so I should be able to use it like this if I’m looking for a way to use the current URL as the subject line?

<a href="{{url absolute="true"}}&body=Hello" target="_blank"></a>

Please, could you provide an example of how to use the current post title where “How to install Ghost” is the post title of as in https:/ as the subject line?

I’ve been trying to get that to work. Should I use {{title}}? If so, how?

You’ll want to use the encode helper for both of these:

Yes, so I have been told. Can you please provide an example?

Can you explain what you are expecting to see vs. What you actually see when you use the example provided?

I want to add a global link to all posts that uses the post title as the subject. Example: How to Install Ghost is the post title. The URL becomes

When clicking the link, the subject of the email should be How to Install Ghost

How does that fit into the <a href HTML? Like this: <a href="{{what do I put here to get the post title?}}" target="_blank">Email Link Text</a>

The reason I’m really confused is the usage is documented in the encode helper:

href="{{encode title}}&url={{url absolute='true'}}"

Of course, thats’s telling you how to share to twitter, but you can adapt it to work for mailto links

For the first question, most Ghost themes have some variation of that functionality:

<h2><a href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a></h2>

ok, so I would use ?subject={{encode title}}

That seems like it should work


I just wanted to say thanks for “putting up with me” and for your help and support. I appreciate it. I got my global link to work and now - any user / visitor can report a function.

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