How can I implement robust membership now?


I am a journalist with an energy and climate news site and want to add a few levels of memberships but no paywall.

My site uses a slightly modified Casper theme and is hosted on Ghost Pro. I have no tech skills, so a developer did the modifications. As well as regular posts I send out a weekly newsletter with Mailerlite, which I used instead of the Ghost feature as it grabs my RSS feed and displays properly in the Outlook desktop app.

Ideally, readers would be given options in Australian dollars like:

  • $0 a month newsletter subscription
  • $5 a month bronze supporter
  • $10 a month silver supporter
  • $50 a month gold supporter
  • custom option for one-off donations

Currently, the Ghost beta membership feature cannot do this, and I don’t want to keep on waiting.

I’ve looked at a few options:
Memberful - only integrates with WordPress
MemberSpace - works with WordPress, has a waitlist for Ghost integration

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m very happy with Ghost as it has delivered the speed and simplicity it promised. I really do not want to switch to WordPress.

Thanks for your help.