How can I integrate multi-language feature in my Ghost blog?

I am trying to integrate multi-language feature in my existing Ghost blog but I don’t see anything working there. My blog works as a this URL format: I already tried the procedure from this url:

After doing the process as said in the tutorial when I open url eg. domain/insight/de/ then my home page content don’t show. Also when try to open post for de language( it redirects me to the main post url.

  • Ghost blog version 3.2.
  • I am using Casper theme.

I appreciate any help to make it work. Thanks in advance.

The routes.yml procedure does not filter pages, even though it says so in the url :sweat_smile:

Ghost is also missing other multi-language features, such as linking between same content but different language, and multilang navigation.

I hacked these with javascript; in settings > code injection > ghost_head I have a sitemap which needs manual updating:

var sitemap = {
	index: {
		fi: "/",
		en: "/en/",
	uneton: {
		fi: "/uneton/",
		en: "/en/uneton/",

…and then I hack the navigation.

If you want /en/ or /de/ in page url, you need full manual routes:

    template: post
      post: page.docs_en

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the quick response.

So I will need to route everything manually? I have tag pages also, it will also need to route manually for different languages? I want to integrate 13 languages, do you think it will be possible?

Uh-oh, in theory it is possible (to manually route multiple languages), but in practise Ghost is not ready for this :pensive:

You could add everything as a post, then automatic routes work as documented. Or we’ll wait and hope it gets fixed to work with pages, too :relaxed:

Thanks friend, I am leaving that as it is for now.

Hey all :wave:. We’ve just spent some time updating our tutorial on using Ghost in different languages and in multiple languages. Any feedback you have is welcome :raised_hands:


how about saying some more on navigation in multi-language sites?


Could you be more specific? Do you mean having translated navigational items in your site?

Yes, I would need to translate the navigational items, while retaining their equivalences … i.e. the translated Home acts like home.

Best way to manage that would be with custom templates and custom partials. You could create a nav-fr.hbs partial for example and list all your custom nav items in there.

Thanks David,

I’ll play around with that. It requires the translations to be hardcoded, but it’s simple.

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