How can I switch back from 'current version' to my own customised theme..?

Hi everyone,

While happily working on my custom theme for a few weeks (I’m customising Casper), my local Ghost install suddenly switched to a different instance / working directory of Ghost and named it ‘current version’ (see screen shot). Since I want to continue working on the files of my own custom theme, how can I switch Ghost back to my original version (here 5.46.0)…?

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 22.16.52

Copy your theme from /versions/5.46.0/content/themes to /content/themes then restart your server.

  • working from /versions is not recommended because an old version can be deleted after an upgrade
  • /content/themes is safe

Hi everyone,
Thank you @Spiritix for replying, but…
My local Ghost just wouldn’t select my copied theme from the older ones it could pick from. So I reinstalled Ghost and uploaded my own customised Casper theme using Ghost admin. Sadly, history repeating :sweat_smile:
Next question: how can I tell Ghost, to pick my custom theme / set my theme as the current theme (see screen shot)…?
Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 17.44.16

Just to avoid any conflicts, rename your theme to something different than casper, also make sure to change the name field in package.json, then restart your server.

At this point you should be able to select your theme by clicking “Activate” in Settings > Design > Change Theme > Advanced

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Yes…! Up and running again, thank you very much @Spiritix …! :pray: :tada:

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