How can I update all "about" sections at once?

I have a blog, and from time to time, I need to update the about section on new info, and generally I add the updated about section manually on new articles.
However, the ideal would be, if every article on my blog had the updated about section
But, manually updating it, in all articles, would take way too much time and effort.
Is there a way, maybe through code injection or something like this (I’m not the most expert person in html that I know by far) that I could update all of the about sections in my articles in the blog? And if there is, how can I do it?

If you can load a custom theme (not the cheapest plan on Ghost Pro), you could find or create a theme that can pull that ‘about’ information from a separate Ghost page. I’ve set something like that up several times - since you have Ghost pull the data from the page whenever it serves that template, you get the latest of whatever’s on that page.

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I’m grateful that you asket this here :smile: