How can we pull a different header image?

In the Ghost editor, there is some amazing functionality. The ability to upload your primary header image is one of them.

How can we pull a different header image? So an image gets pulled to two different places?

Right now we have our blog posts showing up on our main site here (that is currently in staging) » And it pulls the header image from Ghost.

However, that same image is pulled for the editorial content. Like this »

I was wondering if there is a way we could somehow select a different image in the code injection maybe? Or perhaps there is a Ghost plugin?

And as you can see it isn’t working (that image gets cropped). We want to pull two different images to two different places if possible.

Anything you can do to help? Or direction you could point us in?

Gratefully yours,


PS - Caveat / Call Out: I am the marketer and our developer, Rob, is the one working on this. So if I don’t sound very technical, I’m not! But we’re a team so I thought I would help him out and post this. My point: Feel free to get technical.

Hey @smgrieser :wave:
Would I be right in thinking that when you select a feature image for a post you’re using it on the blog page and on a single post, but because of the layout the two sizes don’t work well? Because one is portrait and one is landscape right? You could make use of the image sizes option in Ghost themes:

However you still might have problems with the conflicting ratio. You could instead utilise the Twitter meta image, found in the same settings panel. Admittedly this is a bit of a “hack”, but you could continue to use the feature image for the tall images and then use the Twitter card image for your landscape images. In Handlebars the Twitter card image is available as {{twitter_image}}.

Let us know if I’m in the right ballpark and whether this helps :slight_smile:

This works!! Thank you so much David. We are SO appreciative.


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No problem! Glad I was able to help