How customisable is member profile page?

Hey there!
Ghost is a fantastic tool, and we are building it as headless CMS and a center of our user experience.

One question though — I would like to know how customisable is the member profile page? We currently can write name, e-mail, add note, label, and we also see email stats and activity.

Is there a way for us to add more custom fields? Say, when we sell subscription, we’d like to ask our users to fill a small interview form and we would like those answers to automatically to add to their profile page as well.

Also — can we collect and show not only ghost stats, but collect data on our users when they use our other resources? We’re planing to use SSO to build a seamless combination of Ghost + and they have their own statistics that I would like to collect and show in member profile as well.

Surely those customisations require a developer, but I’m curios if this is possible in the first place, how hard that is and maybe there are some cases where any of you already done something similar. I checked whole forum and haven’t found anything like that.

thank you!

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what data do you want to collect? are you trying to develop a custom theme? are you making a custom integration for ghost, or are you looking for integrations? are you using ghost pro, or self hosting? it is definitely possible, if you know what you are trying to do!

SSO seems to be a bit of a pain, though