How do I add widgets to the footer like a subscribe panel?

I want to let people sign up for a newsletter in the footer. I didn’t find the option on my admin panel. Any clues? Ghost used to advertise it had native support for that kind of thing. Plus how do I add widget to the footer? After all, it’s a place to rest! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

You have to:

  • Create a new widget and name it for example: “subscription-widget.hbs”
  • Save it to the folder “partials” of your theme
  • Put your subscription + html code in it
  • Find the file footer.hbs of your theme (generally in the folder partials)
  • Place the widget where you want it to appear in the footer by calling it with this handlebar:

{{> “subscription-widget”}}

Hope this helps :wink:

Thought maybe you could help me with this?

Will try your suggestion tomorrow, just thought maybe you knew of a better way around.

Many thanks in advance regardless!