How do I allow publish dates in the future?

Is it possible to use the publish date field for other purposes, like the date of an upcoming event? This would require future dates, which right now seem to be not allowed in the editor.
Is there some way to turn this requirement off in the core code or would it mess things up elsewhere?

To be clear, I’m talking about publishing a post right now, but with a future date in the metadata.

Hey @explore :wave:
I’m guessing from your wording that you’re already aware of the “schedule” option in posts. This would be the only way to put a future timestamp on a post. I really wouldn’t advise editing the core to allow future marked posts.

Are you creating some sort of event calendar? Are you sure Ghost the right tool for this?

Yes, I was hoping to have a dedicated post tag be for events, so I wouldn’t have to switch platforms. It might also just require manually structuring the event data with a JSON file and rendering it with JS.

I was hoping to use Ghost’s member authentication for the events section of the website.

I agree about staying away from the core.

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I found the “Publish Date” field confusing. The guide says that “Publish dates can be future dated or back dated.” – but in fact the field doesn’t let you enter future dates. You do that via the “Schedule it for later” field on the Publish popup, which shows instead of the settings window. Why are there two places to enter one kind of information?