How do I change the og:image of the homepage?

I want to change the og:image for the homepage to be different than my publication background image.

I altered the casper theme to have a meta tag with the image I wanted, which worked for many websites, however on ios I ran into a problem: when I add a meta tag, there are two meta tags, and ios splits the preview image evenly between the two og images.

I saw this, Change og:image, which says, “you can change the code of the casper theme to use a different image instead of the site cover image,” however I don’t think that solves this problem.

I also tried using javascript to alter the metadata, however it is scraped before the javascript takes effect.

Does anyone have a solution?

You can update the og:image by uploading an image for the Facebook card, under SettingsGeneral. (Facebook uses OG data under the hood.)

You can’t really alter your theme for to change a site’s metadata, as this is generated automatically by Ghost.

Thank you very much! I think there should be a note somewhere in the settings that admins can change the meta og:image by uploading to the Facebook card.