How do I connect this to my domain name from GoDaddy?

My domain name is with GoDaddy. How do I connect Ghost with my domain name?


Welcome to the Ghost community, @srpsloan.

You’ll need to provide a little more information. For example, where are you hosting Ghost?

Typically, you will need to create an A record for the bare domain (and possibly WWW), and point this to the IP address of the web server. You should be able to do this in the GoDaddy dashboard for the domain.

Good question which has a great answer from Ghost available from inside the back-end.

Here’s the ‘Ghost Go-Daddy Domain Setup Guide’.

And here is where you go in the backend to sort this out as a picture and that’s followed by a screenshot of the page linked above :blush:

I’m afraid I don’t know the exact details for a self-hosted site, but it will be very similar.

The directions above are only for Ghost Pro. Self hosters need to figure out their IP address and then set up an A record pointing to it. (And/or CNAME, depending on setup.). Self hosters will also need to make sure nginx knows where that domain name request goes. Ghost setup should do it for you, but if you change domain name after setup you’ll need to run it again.

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