📌 How Can I Set Up a Custom Domain with Google Domains?

Hi there. I’m an Administrator on a Ghost blog trying to connect a soon to be bought domain name through Google Domains. I read on this website (Set up a Google Domain and link it to your Ghost.org account) that you need to be a Ghost Pro member to access the CNAME records.

Is there a way to know whether or not I’m on Ghost Pro? Or is something only an owner can see? Thanks so much for your help!

If your admin panel isn’t some-name.ghost.io, you’re not on Ghost Pro.

Administrators can’t see the ‘Ghost Pro’ area on the admin panel, and so can’t change DNS with Ghost Pro. Or if you’re not hosted on Ghost Pro, you won’t see that area anyway, and will need to figure out the server’s IP and point your DNS at that IP through whatever method makes sense for your (the owner’s?) hosting setup.

Thank you for your help!