How do I enable comments for everyone on my blog?

Hi, I am new to Ghost. I am on the PRO plan.

I want to enable comments for anyone reading my blog, not just my subscribers - how can I do that?

Hey Sidhant,

I’m new to Ghost but just created my own theme with comments. I’m also on the Ghost Pro plan.

From what I know all you need is to add {{comments}} to your theme in the posts.hbs file.

There’s more information here:

Here’s the full code I’m using on my site:

{{#if comments}}
			<div class="narrow">
				<div class="comments_header">
					<h2 >Member discussion</h2>
					<!--- {{comment_count class="comments_count"}} --->
				<div class="spacer_25"></div>
				{{comments title="" count=false}}

Hope that helps.

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Hey @Sidhant_Gupta

Ghost’s built-in comments feature is a part of the memberships feature - there is no way to use it without being a registered member on your site.

If you want to enable anonymous user comments, you’d need to use a different commenting tool like Disqus: Official Ghost + Disqus Integration


If the aim is not to have to receive emails, I’m guessing people can register and turn off email subscriptions? They’d technically be a “member” with comment privileges; they just won’t be a subscribed member.

(Of course, fully anonymous comments is a different matter; one would still need to go with third-party integrations for that).

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