Adding comment section to blog posts

I feel dumb, my questions are so basic. After spending a whole afternoon trying to add some integrations, I finally figured out that I had to upgrade to a premium version to use anything but the integrations already included in Pro. Before I waste another afternoon, I read that I could add a comments section by pasting code from Github. Will I find that this, also, is a premium feature?

What commenting system do you intend to use? Likewise, does your theme already support comments?

If you are a Ghost(Pro) user, you you may reach to support via email.

Hello, mjw. Thanks for responding to my question. Again! The best I can tell is that Ghost Pro does not allow any integrations to be added other than the standard ones that comes with it. But I read that you can add a comment section in the footer by adding some code from Github. It appeared that by doing so, the commenter would also have to log in to a Github account before they could comment. So, can it be done this way? in order to use Disqus or similar platforms, I have to upgrade to a higher level of Ghost to be able to add integrations.

All of the comments systems, I’ve experimented with require the addition of HTML including embedded client-side JavaScript. This is added to the theme’s files.

For example, I currently permit anonymous comments, but these can only be used by signed-in members. This is only possible by editing the theme.

Adding comments via code injection may work, but you’ll have no control over placement, and it’ll be on every page.

You’ll probably be better served by upgrading to the Creator package, which permits custom themes.