How do I insert a custom signup form in Pricing Subscription Page?

How do I insert a manual signup form in Pricing Subscription Page? I want to take 8-20 other details about the client.

It might be helpful to take a look at this recent question: Extended sign up form

That was not helpful at all.
I want to create a custom form to take customer KYC Details such as Name, PAN Card, Email Address, Physical Address before asking them to make payments and I am not self hosting Ghost but it is being hosted on your platform so how do I create a form or customise the signup form?

Sorry to hear that. I thought it was a pretty clear explanation of why your problem wasn’t trivial and a suggested solution. I also thought two users with the same problem posting on the same day might want to pool resources.

I’m a community volunteer, not the Ghost Pro folks. You might want to contact them directly.

Good luck!