How do I make ghost subscriber form functional?

In all the themes I demo I can input my email straight into the subscribe form from the footer.

If I install the same theme, clicking the email field brings up the modal which then asks for email - where the real field is.

How do I make it so my subscribers can just input email from the field on the pages footer, rather than click a fakeout field to open a modal to then fill out the email?

Many themes use Portal, which is fully functional.

However, if you’d prefer your visitors to enter their email directly on the page, then you’d need to select a theme that has a custom form that is not using Portal.

For example, the Krabi theme has a subscribe form on the sidebar where you can enter an email directly, and the Genki theme has a form at the bottom of the page.

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Then how does the Casper theme demo do it?

The docs for theme based subscribe forms can be found here Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows :slight_smile:

The Casper theme uses Portal for all subscribe buttons and forms, and the demo can be seen here: