Embedding signup forms to point to portal

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I’m using the Casper theme. I would like to know how to embed signup forms at the end of my posts that point directly to the subscription portal. I do not want users to submit their email addresses on the signup form and subscribe for free. I have disabled the free tier on the subscription portal. Also, I’m on the Starter plan. Can anyone please suggest how to do this?


In that case it might be better to use the button card and point to the Portal.
The URL of the button can be the general Portal signup: #/portal/signup or event a specific Tier. You can find all the links in your Admin > Portal > Links

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Thanks @brightthemes

The current button card implementation lacks dynamic functionality. When a “Subscribe here” button is added at the end of each post, it remains visible to users who have already subscribed and are logged in, which will cause confusion.

To address this issue, it would be ideal to have an option for embeddable forms or buttons that display contextually based on the user’s subscription level or tier. This way, logged-in users would see an “Upgrade” prompt instead of “Subscribe here,” providing a more user-friendly and personalized experience.