How do i post articles

Hi I canot seem to copy my written article from my word document and put in a post . This is very frustrating as it seems to past as a picture and I cannot edit it or seem to delete it. I do not want to have to rewrite 2000 word articles. Please help. Also once I started a post it now shows as a draft and I cant delete it? How do I delete the draft

Please advise


Welcome to the forum and to Ghost!

I’m able to copy and paste out of Word (running Office 365 on Windows 10) and into the Ghost editing page without any issues. It gets at least 90% of the formatting right, typically.

So something is odd in your specific case. Could you please tell us what version of Word, what computer OS (Windows or Mac or…), and where you’re running Ghost? If you go to your admin panel and then scroll down to “What’s new”, click the “See more features” link. Grab the box that looks like this and paste it into your post:

One other question: If you hit reply to this post and try to paste in some text from a Word document, what happens? I’m wondering if you have your ‘default paste’ settings set to something unusual. If you’re on windows, try checking those settings as described here: Control the formatting when you paste text (There’s an option to paste as a picture, and I wonder if you’ve got it set.)

That’ll help us help you!

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