I want to paste text in the editor from Word but it's pasting images


Hi there

So we recently started with Ghost https://felixrijkers.ghost.io/the-editor/ on Chrome and I wanted to start publishing some blogs that I wrote in word, now when I pasted the text I have written it showed up as a picture and I can seem to figure out how to get text there.

Can somebody help me out?

thanks in advance


It sounds like you’re having a similar issue to this where copying from Microsoft OneNote results in images when pasted into other programs: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/copy-and-paste-from-onenote-as-an-image-not-text/d77148a4-eef7-4940-aa8b-f56b610d5ebb

If Word is storing images in the clipboard when copying then currently the only way to avoid that with Ghost’s editor would be to follow similar advice in the link above and paste into a plaintext-only editor (like Notepad) first, then copy and paste from there.

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