Formatting appears different on live website when compared to preview

Hello! I had a quick question to see if anybody has run across this. I have a very large article/post that I’ve published and everything looks fine in my “pages” page of the editor. However, when I publish it, the formatting is drastically different. It looks like it just continues with a “H2” header for the duration of my post, and doesn’t include other links that should be there as well.

Here is the link to the site:

Is this simply too big for ghost? Is there a character limit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

There is no character limit, no.

Have you copied the content from somewhere else, by any chance? When I do that, sometimes formatting gets screwed up a bit. What’s a bit weird about it is the fact that you say it looks fine in the Ghost editor (because I usually see the mess there already).

When I look at the source code of the link you posted, I can see that all the “big text” is actually formatted as one big h1-block, right after the divider.

What I would try: copy it somewhere else, format it there (make sure you use proper paragraphs and no line breaks, of course), delete the stuff in the Ghost editor and try pasting it in there again.

Hi @jrennickemd, I noticed you’re a Ghost(Pro) customer. Would you mind contacting about this issue? It would be helpful to investigate the content of your post to see if you’ve run into an editor bug.

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@jannis Thanks for the message. And no I wrote everything in the editor, so no copying. I’ll have to try the copy and edit it somewhere else trick… but doing that for 7500 words is definitely less than ideal.

@Kevin I will email them as well and hopefully find a solution.

Just an update on this… still no solution when cutting and pasting. When I cut and paste into markdown my formatting remains the same and just the title has the H1 (#) formatting. Also I copy and pasted into a separate post and the formatting once again looked great, but when published it looked all messed up. Still a mystery and I’ll update if I find anything. The Ghost team is also looking into this.

There’s a potential fix in the latest release. I haven’t seen the underlying post source yet to confirm the problem but I’ll check again when I’m back tomorrow.

Thanks for the help @Kevin !

Sorry for the delay there @jrennickemd. This issue was actually fixed in a recent Ghost release, if you open the post in question in the editor it will automatically fix itself and pressing “Update” should get you back to a well-formatted post :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate how quickly ya’ll took care of it!