How do I re-order posts in tags?

I am using the DocuHub theme and began setting it up. I noticed the main menues are different tags:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 5.16.05 PM

After playing around for a bit, I noticed the tags in the side bar are alphabetical. So I added numbers in front to order the. Cool figured that out.

If I tag a post with a specific tag it then falls under that tag in left hand side menu. You can see above in the “2. Quick Start” tag I have two posts. Settings Overview and Main Screen Overview.

My problem is I can figure out how to order the post. They do not seem alphabetical. I either want them alphabetical so I can number them like the tags or just in order I write them. Right now it looks like reverse order…

I’m guessing it’s set to reverse chronological order by default. You can manipulate your post dates to make that work, or you could edit the theme. I don’t have access to the theme files, but I’d guess you’d want to look in default.hbs for that sidebar. (The actual sidebar is probably in the partials/ folder, but reading default.hbs will let you figure out what it’s called.) If you can find the {{#get }} comand that’s getting those posts, you can edit it to include an order parameter. See here: