How do I remove RSS feeds and Ghost branding from the footer - Alto theme?

Maybe add a header code-injection something like:

<style> div.copyright, a.logo, a.footer-social-item-rss { display: none; } </style>

P.S. I dont use Alto - so this is untested.

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If you can upload a custom theme you can do this

  • download the theme
  • unzip it and open it on Visual Studio Code (or other if you prefer)
  • look for the footer.hbs file
  • find the published with Ghost bit of code and remove it
        <nav class="footer-nav">
            {{navigation type="secondary"}}
            <a class="menu-item badge" href="#" >Published with Ghost</a>

I did this to the Edition theme, so not sure the class is the same

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On Code Injection Site header Paste the following

.copyright {
    visibility: hidden;
.footer-social-item-rss {
    display: none;

It will hide the ghost branding & RSS

Btw its nice to have the ghost branding & show off to the world your site is powered by Ghost

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Agree. I will keep the Ghost branding just because I love Ghost platform. I will get rid of RSS though. Do you know how to inject custom copyright note at the bottom. Thanks

It worked, thanks so much