How do I remove "sign in" on the homepage in the top right section of Journal theme?

Would appreciate any suggestions!

If you don’t want sign ins at all, go into Settings > Membership and turn off the option within Portal. (That’ll cause most well behaved themes not to show sign-in and membership buttons.) If you want sign-ins but don’t want that button to show up, please link the site - there’s almost certainly a code injection solution to hide it.

Thanks, Cathy. I’d like to remove the “sign-in” button from the top right section only. I still want readers to be able to sign-in from the comments section on individual posts.

I’m using the Journal theme: Journal

I’d try this in code injection:

.gh-head-members { display: none!important }

Or to get just the sign in (not the button next to it):[data-portal="signin"] {
display: none!important;

Thanks again, Cathy! The second one (removing just the sign in button) resolved it. Thank you!

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