How to remove sign up for more like this option at the bottom of the page?

Hi I want to remove Subscribe button on top corner and Sign up for more like this at the bottom of the blog page. Please let me know. thanks

Two ways to achieve this:

  1. To remove them directly from template files
  2. Hide with some CSS using Ghost’s code injection

What theme are you using?

I am using casper, the default theme and I don’t know any coding.

and thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Add this to the header part of the code injection window under settings:

/* Removes Header Button */
.gh-head-button {
    display: none!important;
/* Removes Footer CTA Section */
.footer-cta {
    display: none;

Inline CSS is not ideal but it’s the quickest way to achieve what you want to do. The next option is to remove these sections directly from the template files as mentioned earlier.


Thank you so much bud! for me you are are a genius! it worked!