How do I test my email settings?

I’ve set up AWS SES, I have my key pair, I’ve followed the little information there is on how to set it up in Ghost

“mail”: {

“transport”: “SMTP”,

“from”: “'email verified in ses”,

“options”: {

“host”: “”,

“port”: 465**,**

“service”: “SES”,

“auth”: {

“user”: “user key”,

“pass”: “pass key”




It’s not working.

When I click on About Ghost in my panel, it says “Update available! Ghost is currently unable to send email. See Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs for instructions.”

I have ghost 5.x

Is there any way to see a verbose error message for outgoing emails? That way at least I could try to figure out what’s wrong.

I am going through this very same issue at the moment, and looking at the logs helped me. Where are the logs you ask? Well, run this command, and scroll to the bottom for the latest logs.

sudo journalctl -u ‘ghost