Incomplete Amazon SES docs, issue raising for Ghost Dev Docs, SMTP testing, From address formatting

While setting up my mail settings in my self-hosted Ghost installation with the official dev docs, I stumbled across some missing info:

The section here (Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs) describes the config file entries for Amazon SES.

However, since Port 465 is used which correlates to TLS, NOT STARTTLS, on the SES service, the config should also include “secure”: true, like in the Secure connection paragraph above it.
Does the line “service”: “SES” change anything about the backend handling of the entered details, like SMTP channels and security settings?

The docs repository on GitHub is archived (GitHub - TryGhost/docs: Ghost's official documentation), any plans to allow community issue raising and PRs for the documentation in the future again or is the way forward through support?

And I noticed that the Labs option to test the SMTP settings is gone. Some blogs mention it (Configuring and Testing SMTP email functionality in your Ghost blog | HostArmada), but since the blog entry is from 2020, it is out of date.
Is the only available option to test the settings to invite an arbitrary mail address as a staff member and see if the invite arrives?

Another topic is the formatting of the From address.
We have two ways, just specifying the Mail From address or From name AND the From address.
From name should be in single quotes ( ’ ’ ). But these show up in the header on any transactional mails which is not nice.
Does the Ghost backend need these to be able to read the From header? Is it possible to strip these before creating the mail excerpt to be sent?