How to edit multiple posts at the same time

Hey there! I’m on Ghost Pro and have been using it happily for about a month now, since the Concierge service moved me over from my longtime WordPress site.

One of the things I miss about WordPress is the ability to edit multiple posts by opening up a series of posts in different tabs.

I can’t do this in Ghost because for some reason the Ctrl / Cmd / Option keys are disabled, so I can’t open an editing window in a new tab. Instead, I have to click to edit, then return to the list of posts – and if I was working through a long list of posts, I have to scroll down and find where I was before I clicked.

Is there a workaround for this so I can edit groups of posts more efficiently?

You should be able to use your meta click on the edit icon to open posts in a new tab.

If you click on the main list item then you’re multi-selecting posts to bulk edit.

Thanks for the reply, Kevin. I appreciate the pointer. But what’s the edit icon? My list of posts looks like the one shown in that post you linked to – just a list of titles, with a button to the right of each one to see its stats. I can click on the post title to edit it. There doesn’t seem to be anything that, when I right-click on it, I get the option to open in a new tab. Am I missing something?