How do you create a "privacy policy" or "tos" page?

So far looks like there’s no way to create “pages” or something that could be excluded from “posts” loops/api. Is “pages” something you guys expect to implement or how is this handled through Ghost?

Honestly, I only need these for legal docs (like privacy policy) and possible the “about us” and contact form but I don’t feel like that sort of content should be threated as “posts”.

Thank you!

Pages exist! Docs

Interesting, I was looking for “Pages” link in the sidebar actually but this works. TYVM!

They do exist. You can even customize the whole layout of different pages. Just create in your theme a new page that has the same name as the URL, example:
you would create in your theme page-test.hbs

That way you can create your own custom page :slight_smile:

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