How do you handle VAT?

As someone living in Europe I’m required to collect and report value-added-taxes and I’m currently trying to figure out how to do this with Ghost memberships.

  • Out of the box there currently isn’t a VAT field in the checkout form. And even if there were one you’d still have to handle all the reporting manually.
  • There are payment providers that handle the VAT stuff for you like Gumroad and Paddle but they currently do not integrate with Ghost.

So I’m curious what solutions exist and are recommended to handle VAT with Ghost memberships?


Was just searching this question, but for HST in Canada! The only way I can figure it out the way things are is to make the subscription prices including HST and put that in the fine print. Which isn’t ideal.

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Maybe there is something to configure directly with Stripe (and not Ghost)?

I also live in Europe but I am not required to collect VAT thanks to a simplified business form in France.

At the very least you have to change the Ghost<->Stripe integration manually to add a VAT field which is far from trivial. And then you’ll still have to use some service to calculate the correct rates and store all necessary information plus report everything yourself.

Unfortunately, simplified VAT rules only apply if your revenue is quite low and thus at most they’re are a temporary solution.