Stripe Tax and Ghost

Been playing around with Stripe Tax and Ghost memberships today.

Did setup Stripe Tax added that I would sell under a ‘Generally Taxable’ tax code, meaning that the VAT would change according to the home country of the member.

All this looks great. The ‘Ghost subscription’ product that Ghost created upon connecting lets me edit the tax code of the product(‘generally taxable’) with an exclusive price…so the VAT% will be added to the membership price.

But, in testing all this…it looks like the checkout page where Ghost connects to isn’t registering all this?

So in the end we have to work with the checkout page that Ghost gives us? Not possible to add VAT and a home address (different countries different VAT%, different US states, different tax %'s)

What am I missing? This is rather crucial for me and my business. Once I go over 10k of revenue(resident in the EU) I’ll have to declare VAT.

(another thing…when editing the ‘Ghost subscription’ product in Stripe it’s impossible to change the price of the subscription in the Ghost Dashboard, only way to do it is to reconnect…luckily I didn’t go live yet)