How does the filter helper works if tags has non-ascii characters?

I want to get all articles that have a tag that may contains non-ascii characters, for instance, regnskapsfører. I use the filter helper for filtering.

It seems that Ghost replace ø with o.

This does not work though I have many articles that have both regnskapsfører and regnskapsførere tags.

#get "posts" filter="id:-{{id}}+tags:['regnskapsfører', 'regnskapsførere']" 

If I replace ø with o, it works.

#get "posts" filter="id:-{{id}}+tags:['regnskapsforer', 'regnskapsforere']" 

How does the filter helper works if tags has none-ascii characters?

The filtering is done on the tag slug property, not its title. Slugs don’t have any non-ascii characters (they are automatically converted from the title if present), you can see the tag slug on the tags list screen and edit it on the individual tag screen in the admin area:

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