How many visitors before forcing to subscribe?

Hello everyone, a newbie with the whole marketing thing here.
I have started my blog a year ago and I now have around 320-350 unique visitors per month, with zero money spent on ads. At the beginning I had two membership tiers (free subscription for some content + paid for full site access) but I soon dropped them cause I wasn’t getting any traffic (nor subscribers) - so at the moment the site is fully open (but people can decide to subscribe for free).

My question is, is there any rule of thumb about when to start on forcing people to subscribe to read the content (even if just for free)? My fear is that if I do that I will soon loose all the visitors coming through organic traffic.

Thank you!


When you start requiring memberships, you make the members only content invisible to Google, which can tank your traffic. Be sure to use the public preview to expose enough of the post to attract readers and search engines, or keep a significant number of posts free.

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