How might I send emails to members marked with a specific tag?

Hi folks :wave: I’d like to send emails to members with a specific tag. How might I achieve this?

To be clear, this means that I’d like to email a Post to a subset of members, filtered using the tag feature in Membership management.

  • More than one tag would be better if possible, but for now, filtering by one tag would be good enough.

  • The only control I seem to have over email recipients is toggling the inclusion/exclusion of paid and free members on the Post publish modal.

Have you checked the post options before you publish a post? There should be a toggle button labelled “Specific people”, turning this on will allow you to pick labels within your members list :blush:

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It’s the oddest thing. What you said reminded me of something I saw in a Post from the Ghost blog :smile: Your suggestion should work.

But my publish modal has always looked like this.

Somehow I feel I’m missing something really obvious. But nothing on jumps out me either.

Looks like there’s a new feature for segmented email newsletters, and I just don’t have it yet.

Must update!

Thanks @DavidDarnes, for putting me on the right path :blush:


How can we tell which release this feature falls into? Is this 4.11?

The post didn’t say. Going through the releases on the repository, I’d say 4.5.0 based on this line:

  • Updated post settings menu visibility option to support member segments - Kevin Ansfield

I haven’t updated yet, so I can’t confirm.

I have 4.10.0 installed and can’t figure out how to send to member segments.

Hm, can’t speak for 4.10, I can only confirm that going from v4.3.3 to 4.11.0 made the option described in the link become available on my instance.

I was able to make this work with 4.10.0