How to add a custom CSS class, to a <a> </a> element in markdown

Hello team!

I am trying to customize some elements directly through the editor, under the latest Ghost update.

Specifically, I am trying to modify a element, by including its corresponding custom class.

After researching on other websites, its correct inclusion:

[blog](http://localhost:2368/blog/){: .wrapper}

The result that throws me, once processed is wrong.


Would any of you know how to proceed? :thinking:

As always, I thank you in advance.

A hug.

The syntax you’re using here is from kramdown, which is a flavour of markdown. You’ll have better success with using standard HTML in the markdown card, as long as you make note of your formatting to prevent conflicts
Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 12.19.38

I thank you @DavidDarnes, if I had it so ready in the first stay, I just wanted to try using Markdown directly, but perhaps in that detail, it will be somewhat limited.

Then I will keep the HTML option.

Thank you once again.

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