How to add Audio - And Static page with pages from Tags


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I need some help with to configure how i could add songs and albums to certain pages. Such as Discography, and is it possible to buy some code for this? Like HTML5 on Codecanyon? I need to add albums from artists on a full page, so tracklist + album cover can be visible.

See example:

And for the second question, is it possible to make a “Interview” static page, and add all articles that includes a certain tag?

This would be so great if it’s possible, thank you.


You can already retrieve a list of all posts with a particular tag by viewing the tag archive page for that tag, e.g. outputs all the posts with the tag “interviews.” If you needed to create a page instead, you could create a custom page template and use the {{#get}} helper to retrieve the posts for a specific tag.


Thank you Sarah for such fast reply, i will try to arrange this so it works. How would you suggest the audio problem i have? Is it possible to buy codes from CodeCanyon (HTML5) and they work with Ghost? Or do you plan to have Audio upload in the future with this feature?

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Ghost does not support audio uploads, but you can embed audio files from any service into Ghost, such as, for example. :blush:


Okey, yes i know it works with SoundCloud but i’d like to have some kind of upload. Or using some third party application to make it look like the image i posted above. Do you know if this is possible?

(Does it have to be embedded)?

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