Link Tags and Pages


I am a very beginner at using Ghost. After spending some time reading the instructions and videos, I finally know how to use ‘Tags’ and ‘Pages’. However, I don’t know how to insert the ‘Tag’ I want into the ‘Pages’.

For example, when I see Ali Abdaal’s website, I can see there are many sub-pages under the ‘page’ (eg. There is a ‘studying’ tag within the ‘article’ page)

I also want to link the Tag with my page but I didn’t find any direct source to do so. May I ask for some tips on this problem? If there is a duplication of this question, please let me know. Thank you!!

Do you mean the links in “Browse Topics” sidebar? I think that is developed through HTML and CSS code.

Hi Raki,

I meant this


but not really sure if that is the same thing… :thinking:

You can copy and paste the code in this article to your Ghost blog to create dropdown menu.

I have tested it across dozens of Ghost themes, and it works on desktop and phone screens!

Simple and useful :yum: :yum:

Read this: