How to add page title for custom made page

I have created a custom page for the team of my site by creating a custom .hbs file as writers.hbs. But Its title is shown as the site title.

How to set it as Meet the team?

Here is the way to page

You should add a data attribute in the new route. Then create a new regular page (with the slug writers in this example) and its title will be used as the site title.

    data: page.writers
    template: writers
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I have edited routes.yaml already. I want to Rename the page title as Meet the team.

Then if you created a regular page as mentioned on previous reply, you can set the page title to Meet the team. I mean regular page as a one you create in “Pages > New page” on your dashboard, not the custom template writers.hbs.


Now I got what you said. Thank you.