How to Add Text Before a Blog Title

using: Ghost 2.6.0

I’m new to Ghost and I am tyring to find a good way to add a “pre-title” that comes before the actual title of a post.

What is a good way to do this?

Here are four initial ideas:

(1) Create your own Post object attribute or helpers. Is this possible? eg: {{ pre-title }}

(2) Use {{excerpt}}. Write pre-title as part of the excerpt, and then create a helper to split the text. Can you register helpers within Ghost?

(3) Create an image of the text to use for the {{img_url}} attribute. (Not ideal.)


(4) Don’t use the story title attribute – {{title}} – in the blog post theme
and put the pretitle/title into the {{ content }} by using a custom HTML
to start the blog inside the post editor, something like:

– HTML card
Penguins united #pretitile
How the Arctic Ice is Changing the Ecosystem for Penguins
– end of HTML
… blog post…

Or is there a better way?

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