How to allow specific URLs to simply return files on disk?

I have been trying to integrate OneSignal to do push notifs and subscriptions. The standard process for this, as I understand it, is to drop two or three files into the root of my domain and allow them to be fetched by the remote site to verify my site is really the target of the notif.

So I put the files in the right place, but whenever I try to fetch them, Ghost interprets the URL and it returns a 404. Is there a simple mechanism to tell Ghost to just serve the files directly?


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You should be able to serve files from the root by uploading them through your theme :slight_smile:

See the previously solved solution:

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Gah. That worked. Thank you so much! I spent an entire day yesterday fiddling with manual uploads, routes.yaml, redirects.json, etc, and got nowhere. I really wish this were easier to know. I consulted a lot of the documentation, didn’t find my answer. For some reason Google doesn’t seem to find much value in the solutions in the Ghost forums. :frowning:

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