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I am trying to enable push notifications for my browser. I am using Onesignal and they have mentioned to upload some files to the root folder for SSL sites (which I have). I have connected with Filezilla with SFTP and uploaded to the default root folder var/www/ghost but as you can see from this video they have provided, verifying for the files doesn’t seem to work. So where exactly should I upload? I am using Digital Ocean to host my Ghost Blog.


Your webroot is configured differently for each nginx configuration you have.

Normally it’s /system/nginx-root underneath the ghost folder, but you can check by reading the nginx config.


@Hannah tried it, doesn’t seem to be working.


Tried what exactly? Did you read your nginx config?

You might want to have a read through the CLI knowledge base, it’ll give you more info on where all the files are located.


Well, as per this documentation and uploaded in the public folder inside the versions folder where robots.txt & rss files exist & I also uploaded in the systems folder but nothing seems to work. Seems, this is something that needs extensive research by someone who is familiar to the both Ghost & OneSignal services.


Nice! Let us know when you’re done researching it :slight_smile:


@John Found the solution! And its very simple, just upload the files into your current themes folder and then reupload that theme file. Done!

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