How to remove link to Ghost


Sorry for asking this but I’ve recently found out I can have Ghost installation on
and so I made one.

This is my first encounter with ghost and so far so good,

Everything is very user friendly.
Except for one thing - I can’t seem to find where to remove/change link to that appears in bottom right corner of the page.


Hey :wave: you need to remove it from your theme - Assuming you’re using Casper (the default theme), you need to edit default.hbs:36

#3 that link redirecting me to If that is correct url then i can see you already removed that.

Otherwise you should delete that from the footer. Usually most of the premium themes used /partials/footer.hbs file for the custom footer design.
Sometime you may find that in default.hbs too as @vikaspotluri123 already mentioned that.

If you need any help regarding theme installation or customization, feel free send message to me.



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