How to confirm member account in JAMstack private site

I am running Ghost as headless CMS with a Next.js frontend. This works fine with most of the Ghost functionality thanks to well-document API support for content.

Where I am struggling is API support of member functionalities. I got the member signup form working in Next.js thanks to the work by Jake Wiesler and others, but the confirmation email gets stuck as the Ghost backend is a password-protected private site, which is the default setup when using Ghost as a headless CMS.

To move forward, I can think of two strategies:

  • Rebuild all member functionalities in the Next.js frontend. The main challenge is the documentation of the members API, which is spotty.
  • Have links from Ghost confirmation emails make it past the Ghost private site settings. Addressing the specific blocker I have, so that I can build out member functionality in Next.js over time, e.g. logging in to comments provided by Cove Comments.

Thanks, Martin