How to create a new navigation bar with a list displaying content like the homepage


I’m a beginner at using Ghost. I deploy it on the cloud and download the theme.

I want to create a navigation bar similar to the homepage, displaying a list of videos or images

I notice that every time I create a new post, it generates a new URL instead of displaying it in the navigation bar as a list.

You can add items to the navigation bar by going to your-site-url/ghost, opening the settings menu (the gear in the lower left of the page), and finding the navigation settings by scrolling or searching. Be sure to click save after you finish adding items. :slight_smile:

(You don’t need to edit the theme for this.)

Thank you for your reply

Yeah, I log in to the admin to set up my website and I try to make the new nav show images as a list but not work. The nav I create is just a simple page like “About”

I use the theme as follows

when I click the “Author” nav, it shows the contents as a list just like the Home page, that’s what I want.

The nav bar is just a collection of links. If you want actual images in the nav bar, that’s not going to work. If you want links to pages or posts that contain those images, that should work fine.

Are you trying to get a webpage that’s a collection of your posts? An easy way to get Ghost to make a webpage with a grouping of posts is to give them all the same tag. If that tag was called “mytag”, then you’d automatically have a page at /tag/mytag that would show all the posts that have that tag on them. (Note that this works for blog posts created by clicking the “posts” link, not for pages created by clicking the “pages” link.)

Thank you for your reply

I apologize for the misunderstanding。

I would like to create two navigation tabs in the navigation bar, namely ‘Image’ and ‘Video’. These two tabs will display content of different types similar to how posts are displayed on the homepage, making it easier to manage and observe。

I once attempted to use tags as a substitute, but they were too unsightly for me to accept. :pensive:

I’m not aware of a theme that creates tabs on the homepage, but perhaps someone else is!

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Thank you for your patient reply. Have a Happy Easter Day :partying_face: