How to create an automated newsletter digest?

I am exploring Ghost’s features but did not find a way to automate a newsletter. For example, I want to set up a template that will list all the posts in the last month and then send it out automatically.

Instead, I’d have to manually write the newsletter every month. Obviously, I could do that ahead of time and then schedule it, but that’s an extra step that requires my time.

More importantly, I didn’t see a way to add an internal link when editing a post. Manually hardcoding an absolute URL to each post is not good practice.

I did not see a “card” that allows you to choose an existing post and embed it in the post you’re currently editing. Ideally, the “card” would embed the post title with options to include an excerpt or full text of the post.

Am I missing something or incorrect with any of the above? I’m hoping to transition from Wordpress but I need the automated newsletter functionality.


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I created a similar Idea topic to this, which you can add to and/or vote for if you’d like.

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