How to customize the "/tags" URL path for my tags overview page?

Hi, I’m building a blog that will include a Tags page, listing all the tags attached to my posts.

I’ve followed a tutorial based on the theme I’m using. One of the requirements in the tutorial is this one:

make sure that the page URL is “tags”

Now, this seems a bit rigid.
How do I customize this URL to e.g. “categories” or “themes”?

Ghost version: 2.0

This can be achieved with Dynamic Routing:

Thnks, vikaspotluri123. Unfortunately, this is not exactly what I mean. I’m aware I can change the prefixes for “tag” or “author”. However, what I’d like to change is the path “tags” to something else, like “categories”. The “/tags” path currently serves an overview of all tags used on my blog. I simply need to change the URL of the page to something more descriptive.

And according to Ghost docs:

You can’t define new or custom taxonomies, you can only modify those which are already there

The only ones that are there are these:

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

Aaah, I see what you’re doing…

What you would need to do is change the slug of the page to categories,
and then update the template name to page-categories.hbs

The method described in the tutorial still works, but I would suggest you use dynamic routing for this, since it’s capable of doing the same thing, but it’s more maintainable. You would just need to create the route (e.g. /categories) and specify the template to use in the definition

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Yeeep. Works. Thank you!

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